Nanny, Maternity nurse


I am a Swiss nanny, French speaking, who also speaks English and German, with 29 years experience in the field of education.
I have trained as a MONTESSORI AMI educator and as a Maternity Nurse.

Before working and training as an educator, I worked as an assistant nurse in neonatology, paediatric emergency and paediatric surgery, as well as in ambulance services.

I worked for 6 years with UHNW and UHNWI families in Switzerland.

I am a professional nanny with experience working with newborns and healthy children, as well as children with various illnesses and autistic disorders.

I hold a Diploma in Maternity Nursing from London and a MONTESSORI AMI Diploma from Geneva.

I am passionate about psychology, the science of child development and behaviour.
I studied social sciences and psychology at university.

I looked after 4 children 100% from birth until they entered university as students of medicine, languages, literature, history and sports science.
I managed the travel arrangements for my four children on my own, following their father on business trips.

I worked for many years with infants as a paediatric and neonatal nurse, both in the private sector and in hospitals.
I also have three years' experience with a child with autistic spectrum and psychotic disorders.

I myself have four completely independent children, aged between 30 and 21.

With the children, I enjoy spending time exploring nature, playing educational games and making crafts.
I also enjoy cooking with the children, gardening, exploring nature and visiting museums.

I also enjoy making pottery, Tiffany, crocheting and knitting, working with my hands on different materials.

I'm a former triathlete, so I'm an experienced swimmer and I still cycle.

I hope to find a loving family who will accept me as a member of their family and who will have the same goal as me, which is the best interests of the child.

Nanny, Maternity nurse
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