Here are the most frequently asked questions:

Why recruit on the 1st job platform for household staff ?

The platform was founded in 2013 by professionals in private property management. We have developed a unique interface allowing you to recruit your House Staff in complete confidentiality. The process is simple, efficient and economical.

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How to use the job platform ?

You create an employer / recruiter account, write a detailed and coherent job offer. Once validated by our services, you will quickly receive the first applications on your email. The platform is 100% secure and anonymous.

Which candidates will I find on the site ?

Madame est servie offers the possibility to all profiles to be a member. Not only candidates from private homes but also people with experience in hospitality or luxury catering, and yachting.

How can I create a job offer ?

Just create a recruiter account and then write your job offer. Finally, we offer you the possibility to choose between several subscription plans. You will finally have access to our database of candidates. Finally, you have the possibility of modifying your job offer, it will then be validated again by our services before diffusion.

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How to get good applications ?

Write a detailed job offer for the position by emphasizing your needs and expectations. Avoid any discriminatory terms as they will be deleted by our verification service. Specify the necessary skills and your requirements for the job. Finally, give the information on the contract, benefits in kind, salary ... You will receive applications and will just have to organize your job interviews.

Do you charge a commission if I recruit a candidate ?

No, you simply pay a subscription for the distribution of your job offer and access to our database of candidates.

Who can post jobs on the platform ?

The platform is reserved for private employers and their staff or office; personal assistant, secretary, family office ... In addition, real estate agencies or temporary agency also have the opportunity to post job offers.

How to pay my subscription ?

Payment is made by credit card. The secure transaction is managed by Société générale. At your request, we can send you an invoice.



Here are the most frequently asked questions:

Do I have to pay to apply for job offers ?

Madame est servie is a 100% free job search platform. Create your candidate account to post your profile online and apply for jobs.

How to create an account and login ?

The creation of an account is fast and easy, you fill a form which will then allow the recruiters to contact you. Before creating an account, make sure you read our terms of use and especially the protection of personal data. You have the possibility to put your profile in "confidential" mode however your presentation remains public, do not indicate coordinates there. The platform is 100% free and 100% secure.

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Are the job offers true ?

Beware, many job ads on the web are fake. Madame is served verifies the identity of each recruiter who publishes an offer on the platform. Moreover, this one pays the diffusion of his job offer too, you can contact us at if you notice an abuse.

Who publishes job offers ?

The platform is reserved for private employers therefore when you apply for a job offer, it is the advertiser that you contacted directly. However, some owners are represented by their personal assistant, family office or other. Finally, we give the possibility to our partners to publish job offers as prestigious real estate agencies for example.


How to apply for a job offer ?

You have to login, select the offer that interests you. A postulation form containing your information will send the recruiter your complete profile. You can add documents to it.

Who receives my application ?

Madame est servie is a platform for linking candidate and recruiter. Therefore, when you apply for a job offer, your application goes directly to the recruiter's e-mail, heal there because the answer to it depends on it. In general, employers are in "confidential" profile, so you do not see their contact details.

Can I change my personal information ?

Once connected to your dashboard with your personal email and password, you will be able to modify the information of your profile, change your photos, add documents such as your CV, criminal record, management letters, degree.

Can I delete my data from the platform ?

You can go into "unavailable" mode in your dashboard. If you wish to permanently delete your profile, send your request to: We remind you that the presentation of your profile is public and can appear in the search engines, it will then wait a little time before deleting the link.

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