Domestic couple, Caretaker couple


Dear Madame team,
We are highly professional couple who have spent the last several years employed on a very large estate near St Tropez. We are comfortable working autonomously or within a larger team. We provide a wide range of skills including top level housekeeping and laundry, family cooking, budgeting and stock control, driving, interior and exterior general maintenance, care of cars and estate vehicles, electrical and IT trouble-shooting, care of the swimming pools and assisting gardening staff with general grounds care.
We are very organized team with excellent communication skills. Hardworking, dedicated and loyal employees with excellent references from previous employers. Fluent in English with a good understanding of French as we use to work side by side with staff who only speak French and although we do not yet have full fluency in French we have been liaising successfully for several years with French contractors and service providers at the property. Both have our own micro-enterprises in France, which if required can be used for arranging salary payments etc.
Domestic couple for private property or Chief Housekeeper / Chief Service and Maintenance in to arge team operation in private properties in French Riviera, Monaco, Switzerland. We can be considered as a couple appropriate for USA position. As Bulgarians we can work in USA like housekeepers with just B1 USA visa. For receiving this type of visas we will just need signed contract with the new employer.
Thank you for your attention

Domestic couple, Caretaker couple
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