Private chef, Cook


I présent myself for a private head chef position.
I am French nationality, with a good English level, with more than 15 years of cooking éxperience.
I ve essentially worked in a gastronomic restaurant and luxury hotel in a many country with a top chefs essentially French.
What confer me a international éxperience who allows me to adapt easily.
My cooking style is french, méditeranean, with a international influence.
I m adapt to the kinds of cooking to ask, fusion, asian, diet, modern, classic, végétarian, végan, and all others.
As fascinated, i only work fresh and quality produces, if possible from régions, i like a produces from farms.
I am of quiet nature, organize, professional, sociable.
For lived on a military boat of 55 persons capacity for one year and half, I would have no difficulty has to integrate a new ship life style.
I leave my actual place of private chef in switzerland to intégrate some ships than i like particulary and come closer of the sea, my second passion.
King regards
Nicolas Brunelle

Private chef, Cook
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